Our Patented Technology In Our Sheets


Mattress Protection

Our patented technology is a membrane just like skin that keeps your mattress protected. It repels water, remains breathable, comfortably stretchable, and fits your bed snugly. Protecting your mattress prolongs the use of your mattress, keeping it clean and comfortable. Despite its amazing properties, the natural textile surface is completely noiseless, thus providing you with a pleasant sleep like no other.


The Dermofresh®  membrane is a polyurethane hydrophilic membrane with a solid structure that physically stops water droplets from passing through the membrane. It safeguards your mattress against accidental liquid spills, sweat and other bodily fluids.


As the humidity and temperature inside is higher than on the surface of the fabric, the vapour will migrate to the surface and evaporate, thus creating a feeling of dryness and comfort.