Crafted for Comfort & Health

Noche Noche Story

We know, because it is our business to know.

We take quality sleep seriously because sleep is the root of one’s physical and mental health and wellness. That’s why we believe in constantly innovating better sheets for better sleep and even better well-being.

Noche Noche products are 100% designed and manufactured in Europe – Northeastern Barcelona, Spain. We guarantee our sheets are of superior quality before being packaged and shipped to you, as we take pride in our research and development and stringent manufacturing process.

With Noche Noche, you can enjoy refreshing sleep on our soft, smooth and breathable natural textiles while never worrying about careless spills or bedwetting. Our revolutionary sheets protect you from nasty bacteria and foul odour, keeping you and your family in good hands.

What’s behind the name?

If you have been to Spain, you would likely have come across the common greeting “Buenas noches”, or “good evening”. The word “noche” (pronounced noh-cheh) comes from Spanish, which means “evening” or “night”.

We love evenings. To us, evenings are not just the time for friends and family, but also for rest and comfort – an end to a day of hard work, and a time for rejuvenation from a good night’s sleep. That’s what we are good at – delivering quality of life and comfort. And so, we have decided to supersize the good times, and name our brand Noche Noche.