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Travel Pillow Case 46x32cm – Sky Blue

1 Travel Pillow Case


The anti-balloon system specially created in our pillow case ensures a smoothen texture while zipped up. This keeps out any bacteria, mould or mildew from growing in the moist and dark environment provided by our bodily fluids if there was no waterproofing in our pillow case.

Pillow Size : 46cm x 32cm

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Product Description

A good-quality pillow is a worthy and sometimes medically-required hefty investment. Prolong the effectiveness of your mattress and pillow by safeguarding it against accidental liquid spills, sweat and other bodily fluids. You will effectively reduce the chances of bacteria, mould and mildew from thriving in a moist and dark environment.

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Weight 0.21 kg
Packed Dimensions 18.9 x 2.4 x 21.4 cm


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