Best bedsheet we have ever had.

Had the bedsheet for my boy's bed because he sweats a lot in the evenings and I was thinking it could be the thick mattress protector that we are using. The Noche Noche bedsheet promises to be a bedsheet and a mattress protector in one so might as well try it and we were not disappointed at all. I had doubts in the beginning because I fear that sweat might seep through his bed and that can cause damage and breeds moulds in the mattress. But after 2 weeks of trying it out, not only does he sweat less but it is indeed proven to be waterproof! My toddler, who we are toilet training peed on the bed and not a single drop seeped through! The sheet itself is so comfortable too and easy to manage. I just put it in the washing machine on regular spin. When you dry it, dry it on both sides because the water-proof side might stay wet if you don't turn it around. But I don't mind doing this because we don't have to use a mattress protector anymore and that is one less thing to wash and dry. Best bedsheet we have ever had.

Kaytee Polyndevilla, 41
Self Employed
I am so happy with the product and would highly recommend it to parents!

Do away with our mattress protector? That was one thing I was most apprehensive about. But it proved to be really working with the Noche Noche sheets. We had it in my kids' room and the kids love to play there and bring their snacks too. So I was a bit worried to use only the sheets. Would it work? It did! They spilled milk on their bed and it didn't seep through their mattress. It was easy to wipe away the liquid too. Not having to use a mattress proctector is a good thing because that 1 less thing to wash and sometimes the mattress protector itself makes their bed even warmer and them sweaty in the evenings. But for me the most important thing is that the sheets are really soft and comfortable and it is a snug fit to their single beds. No more loose ends or crumples so their beds are so easy to make in the morning! 🙂 I am so happy with the product and would highly recommend it to parents. I am never looking back 🙂

Christa Rose, 41
Self Employed
It works!

It works! Thought this product is too good to be true until convinced myself to bought a king size last week. My hubby loves to eat and drink on our bed and he always made a mess, last night he spill his can of soda as always but to our surprise the soda water did not penetrate in and my mattress keep dry because of that. The sheets also no crumple love love love this product. Highly recommended thanks noche noche.

Natalie Li, 36
Office Manager
I can't wait to get more...

This is the first time we have tried Tencel although we have heard and read about it before. We have been using a 300 threadcount cotton bedsheet and a mattress protector underneath it. The Tencel bedsheet feels really different, like a jersey or the fabric from a shirt. Putting it on was a delight because it fits snugly around our mattress. No creases which can be uncomfortable and it looks really nice and clean when it is not all over the place, unlike our old fitted sheet. Then came the test. Sleeping on it. It feels suprisingly nice that even my husband who doesn't mind what kind of sheets we use remarked that the new sheet we used was very different and was more comfortable. I was surprised of this coming from him. So truly there was a huge difference. One more huge difference is that we can do away with the mattress protector too since it is water proof! So that is one less item for me to launder! I can't wait to get more for the kids' rooms this time.

Tina Ong, 30
Saves us a lot of time in our busy schedule!

We first bought nochenoche bedsheet back in 2015 for the convenience as it works as a mattress protector as well as a bedsheet. Its waterproof material makes it easy to manage whenever there is any spills or stains and there is no need for any mattress protector. Saves us a lot of time in our busy schedule! Recently, with the arrival of our second born, I bought more sets for the whole family from baby cot sizes to single and queen sizes. We all love the softness and most importantly, the convenience! See how comfortable the little one lie on my bed as well as his cot!

Shirlena, 39
Changing To These Bedsheets Were A Breeze!

I do not have to layover a mattress protector, then a bedsheet - saves time, saves effort! I like most the washer & dryer convenience! The sheets pull over so easy, no rumples ! Best of all, the sheets are smooth and neat-fit even after a night's sleep!!
Love it!

Peng, 55
Highly Recommended & Good Value For Its Quality!

I was pleasantly surprised I was able to special order my son's bedsheet size which is longer than the market's. Bigger surprise was the distinct reduction in perspiration odour which was my pet peeve. Bonus is the bi-elasticity in the bedsheet means his bed is now always neat - no rumples and mess. Now I don't mind walking into his room early in the morning ! Highly recommended and good value for its quality!

Jennie, 56
Learning Centre Owner

No need for an extra piece of mattress protector. And u can't even feel it! No worries even if I spill my wine over the bedsheet - hahaha! Love the smooth fit and the washer to dryer convenience! Highly recommended!!

Meep, 36
I Will Recommend Willingly To Anyone!

The bedsheet was for my mum post-surgery and bed-bound. Recommended by Friend as protecting mattress waterproof and cooling. Was very useful as i wasn't worried with feeding incidents and spills - easy to care for.
Just wash and it dries fast. No ironing and the sheet spreads very neatly even when mum was in bed most part of the day. Prevents smells too. I will recommend willingly to anyone!

Audrey, 43
Hair Stylist
I Won't Hesitate To Recommend It To Anyone

I was introduced to the 2-in-1 waterproof and fitted bedsheet that will take away odour and protect my mattress. But I didn't expect that the elasticity and fit of the bedsheet is so good - the bedsheet is always smooth and taut - saves my poor weak shoulder joint as I no more have to tuck the sheets in neat. Saves me so much time now as I do not have to lay a mattress protector first followed by a bedsheet. Just wish the fabric is a little thicker because my cat likes scratching on it. But I like the softness of the fabric and it's superior quality. Plus, I won't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Serene Quan, 56
I'd Highly Recommend Anyone To Buy

I purchased a single sized for my stroke-patient mum as well as for my relative bed-ridden by spina bifida, after trying many types of waterproof sheets. After 4 months of usage, there is definitely comfort level improvement and bed sores had reduced. I have been a loyal user since then. I'd highly recommend anyone to buy and I find great value in the product even at first consideration it seems high-priced.

June Lee, 55
Certified Financial Planner CFP